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Proceq of Switzerland was founded in 1954 and is a leading manufacturer of high quality portable testing solutions for many different industries. The company's strong research and development team at its headquarters in Switzerland continues to create Swiss-manufactured products which feature latest technology and set industry standards. With subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore, the company provides its international customers with excellent local support.
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  • Proceq - Flaw Detector Live UT8000
    Proceq UT8000 is the quickest to setup and report with, most collaborative and only flaw detector that helps managers ensure proper inspection procedures. Proceq UT8000 represents a breakthrough in inspections with ultrasonic testing for detecting flaws such as cracks and voids in metals and composites.
  • Equotip - Portable Hardness Testers
    Proceq's Equotip enables portable hardness inspection of almost any object, polished parts and heat-treated surfaces. The hardness measurements are made by using the dynamic rebound testing method according to Leeb, the static Portable Rockwell hardness test and the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) method.
  • PaperSchmidt, Equotip 550 Leeb U, and RQ8000 Roll Hardness Testers
    Out of round rolls and other defects such as corrugations caused by non-uniform roll hardness profiles are a major cause of lost production for both producers and converters alike. A reliable measurement of the roll hardness profile is of critical importance in deciding whether a roll is good or bad.
  • Proceq GPR Live - Ground Penetrating Radar
    Look into concrete deeply and clearly, detect objects effortlessly and reliably, and collaborate anywhere, anytime, for hit prevention, as-built verification, and structural investigations even in the toughest situations. Thanks to unique radar technology, our rugged GPR probes deliver unparalleled resolution and penetration depth, at the same time. Together with our famously intuitive iPad app, Proceq GPR Live brings advanced inspection workflows on-site, including rich 3D and AR visualization, collaboration, and reporting.